Embarassing! Two British Celebrities Arrived at Fashion Show Wearing Identical Dress

Posted by redcherry | On: Feb 17 2012
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Do you know why most celebrities have their own designers to make them some special dress for some special events they have to attend?

I do know. It’s all because they don’t want to end up like Amy Childs that came to the Pia Michi fashion show wearing exactly the same outfit as her senior Tricia Penrose.

It’s really the same dress! Can you imagine how embarassed she was?

The 21 year old English model was like embarrassed when she found that her dazzling leopard dress was identical with the dress wore by the 41-year-old celebrity.

Credit: Mr. Paparazzi

As reported by the Daily Mail, Tricia was urged by everyone there to take her dress off, but the former Heartbeat actress answered with a dignity, “I was in Heartbeat for 18 years so she can take hers off!”

In no time, the newbie actress got off from the red carpet and changed her leopard print cutaway with a more stunning outfit, a divine purple gown.

Frankly speaking, she looks more gorgeous with that purple gown. Why did she pick the leopard-like dress?

Daily Mail

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