Vladimir Putin on Trial Spoof Video Went Viral

Posted by redcherry | On: Feb 16 2012
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Vladimir Putin is jailed!

A 50-second video shows the Russian top man desperately stands behind the bar with bowed head. The report says he has been charged for theft and terrorism.

But it turned out to be only a spoof. The clip has been doctored using the footage of Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s second trial. Khodorkovsky is a tycoon who was taken into custody in 2003 for fraud, just after he brought a corruption issue before the public through a live TV show that seemed to protest Putin’s administration.

The clip looked like a usual report from a TV station that appears with a voice over. “The former prime minister was brought to the Khamovnichesky court about three hours ago,” the voice over says.

According to the voice over, Putin was charged with state property thievery, terrorism and office abuse.

The video which was uploaded on YouTube only about two weeks before the Russia Presidential Election in March 4 went viral globally.

The video seemed to be an ad for a Russian film entitled “The Assassination of Russia” that tells about the apartment bombings in Moscow that took place in 1999.

The film adopted a book written by Alexander Litvinenko, an ex security official of the country that revealed to the public the involvement of the national security in the deadly bombings. He wrote in his book before he died in 2006 because of radioactive polonium poison that the bombings were planned to pave the way for Putin to the office.

NY Times

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