Make Your Own Ending in This Digital “99 Reasons Why” Novel

Posted by redcherry | On: Feb 16 2012
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British author Caroline Smailes could be the most radical author of this century as her latest book “99 Reasons Why” brings 11 options for the readers to choose their own ending story.

Interviewed by The Independent, she said not all readers have the same reactions, feelings and interpretations about a story. It depends on the ending that they pick.

“This is the reader taking responsibility for the ending,” she said.

Smailes comes to introduce this new idea after her readers suggested her that her two latest novels have a too gloomy ending story.

Scott Pack, Smailes’ publisher as well as the head of Harper Collins imprint The Friday Project, said the advanced digital technology of eBook allowed creation of such a unique book. He said as there is more freedom in technology, they want to take a full advantage of it. He believes adults and children interactive books have big potential.

Smailes revealed that she never intended to print the book, which is unusual and which made her changing the approach of the writing style.

The book “99 Reasons Why” will be released next month at £7.99 or about $12.5. The family drama book tells about a woman who obsesses with a guy at a nursery across her house.

Readers can determine their own ending by understanding the characters. They can always go back and read another ending if they find the previously chosen ending is not satisfying.

The Independent

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