Overtoun Bridge: Dog’s Favorite Place to Suicide

Posted by redcherry | On: Feb 15 2012
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It was supposed to be a good day for Donna Cooper and her family when they walked their dog, Ben, across the scenic Overtoun Bridge in Milton, Scotland.

But Ben didn’t think of the warm togetherness of the family. He had another opinion when suddenly jumping off the bridge and fell 50 feet upon the rocks below. He was found dead with his jaw and paw were broken and his back was terribly twisted.

Ben was not the first dog that committed suicide by leaping over the Overtoun Bridge. In fact, the bridge has been a favorite place for dogs to suicide since the 1950s. The Wikipedia has it that the suicide rate on the bridge is about one dog a month!

The dogs that could survive the 50 feet drop surprisingly jumped again when they were brought back to the mysterious deadly bridge. The mystery has attracted the media across the world. The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has also sent some experts to investigate the mystery.
By bringing preliminary data saying that most of the dogs were breeds with long snouts and they leaped over from the same side of the bridge during a fine weather, the experts probed into the mysterious case.

Dr. David Sands and his team then came to a conclusion that it was the scent of mice and mink that caused the phenomenon. The team conducted a test in which the odors of mice and mink were spread on an open field. Ten dogs were then released to the field. Eight dogs showed their interest to the scent, while the two others didn’t show any interest.

However, Dr. Sands said it was not the final answer to the mystery. Another question still remains, why the poor dogs only chose one side of the bridge to jump? Who could explain? Time will tell, or not.

Here is a short documentary that talks about the unexplained mystery:


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