Girl Brilliantly Teaching Goat to Jump (Video)

Posted by redcherry | On: Feb 15 2012
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Goat has never been a favorite pet for human compared to dog. Well, the truth is quite obvious. No one can argue the dog’s loyalty. We can walk our dog around the neighborhood while socializing with the neighbors. They are relatively easy to be trained. Dog competitions are abundant. Furthermore, it’s quite easy to take care of a dog. So, there are several great reasons why dog is more popular than goat.

But after watching the video below, you might consider getting a goat to be your new pet. And you can hire the girl in the video to be the personal trained of your goat. As far as I know, goat is a lazy animal. Its daily activities are just laying on the grass and eating and drinking and sleeping, over and over again. But in the hands of this brilliant girl, goat can be very active and funny.

Check out the video of a girl teaching goat to jump after the jump:

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