Extreme Food: Roasted Rat for Valentine?

Posted by redcherry | On: Feb 15 2012
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If you are a big fan of weird food, love to try something new, this unusual food will be a good choice.

A number of countries in Asia consider rodent meat as a delicious meat. It ist even more popular than beef or chicken! Take for example, Thailand. The report from BBC revealed that people in several Thailand’s regions have been eating rat meat for years.

The trend was started in the poorest regions of the country. The people were forced to eat rat meat because they couldn’t afford pork, beef or chicken. Ironically, the delicacy of rat meat is now beating out the popularity of pork and chicken in the country. It becomes one of the most popular tourist attractions! That’s how the universe works!

Thailand is not the only country that displays the rat meat on the plates. China and India also serve rat meat as a favorite food. One of the most popular rat-processed foods in China is Rat Cake. Meanwhile in India, rat hunters will just smash the rats, bash their heads in with sticks and do the other simple things to get rat meat as much as possible because the demand is incredibly high.

Now, it’s the time that you say “Where is the logic?”. While culture seems have nothing to do with the rat meat tradition in Thailand, China have this roasted rat tradition as one of their unique cultures since a long time ago.

Well, roasted rat for Valentine? Anyone?

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