Fake Louis Vuitton, Gucci Handbags Flooded China Market

Posted by redcherry | On: Jan 13 2012
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China is notorious for selling fake products to the people who only want to have branded names on their shirts, shoes, gadgets, and the latest, bags. It’s reported that recently the market in China is flooded by “second-rate quality” European/American branded goods and the people there love to buy the products.
From Gucci to Louis Vuitton, almost all quality products are being imitated in this country. The only original things on the products are the paper the manufacturers printed upon and the handle strings. Other than that? No hope.

Not only at conventional shops, these products are also marketed through online shops. Xuesheng Wang, one of the sellers, said most people just want to have the logo. They care nothing about the quality. She said the material of the products sold in her shop is totally different from the original products. At first, it was those who often sell fake handbags that always come to buy, but then more independent customers come and buy the products.

This is what will happen when people only think about the outward appearance. In their mind, they hope other people will respect them because they are wearing branded international products. But when the people come closer and take a look more carefully, they will instead show no respect because these people that wear fake products are deceptive. Let’s take a look at the video that shows how the knockoff products influence the society.

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