10 Weird Political Parties in the World

Posted by redcherry | On: Jan 10 2012
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What comes to your mind when I say political parties? Groups of serious men and women that fight to get the votes by presenting their views about how to improve the condition of some nations? That’s right. I also think the same. But there are some parties which have weird names that they seem unable to get the majority votes. What are they? Enough talking, check them out:

1. Deadly Serious Party

The Deadly Serious Party seems wanting to show that the party is totally serious, judging from the name. The party was born in the 1980s in Australia with one of the platform included assigning killer penguins to secure the coastline from Argentine invasion. In November 1988, the party was deregistered because the number of the members didn’t meet the requirement. But, there is still a group page of the party on Facebook.

2. Party! Party! Party!

It is another joke political party from Australia. The party operated in 1989, only in one election and got 979 votes. The emergence of such joke political parties in the country due to the lax of the registration laws made the election committee revised the laws to be stricter.

3. The Polish Beer Lovers’ Party

The founding fathers of the Polish Beer Lovers’ Party brilliantly see the space left by conventional parties. Most Polish love beers and they knew it, perhaps. Anyhow, the party gained 16 seats in 1991 election with slogan: “it won’t be better but for sure it will be funnier.”

4. The Surprise Party

Established in 1940, the party brought Gracie Allen, a popular comedian, as the presidential candidate. Allen seemed running for the seat of president very seriously by doing some campaigns across the country. And with slogans like “down with common sense,” Allen was elected mayor of Menominee, Michigan, and got hundreds of write-in votes in the presidential election.

5. The Union of Conscientiously Work-Shy Elements

This party was born in Denmark, established by Jacob Haugaard, a comedian, in 1979. In the 1994 election, he was surprisingly elected to the national parliament of the country. Two of his weird promises that he brought for the election were “better weather” and “more bread for the ducks in parks.”

6. Donald Duck Party

Founded in Sweden, the party brought the Disney character Donald Duck as its name. The political party had no member when Bosse Persson registered it. It was not eligible for the election of course, but in 1991 the party got 1,535 write-in votes. In 2002, the party got only 10 votes, while in 2006 it received 225 votes.

7. Miss Great Britain Party

This party was established in 2008 by Robert de Keyser, a former chairman of the Miss Great Britain contest. The candidates from this party are mostly women who have participated in the contest. One of the party’s goals is to make Westminster sexy instead of sleazy. Financial difficulties in 2009 put the party in trouble and eventually the electoral commission deregistered it from the list.

8. The Official Monster Raving Loony Party

Besides the Miss Great Britain party, the U.K. also has several weird parties, one of them is the Official Monster Raving Loony Party. David Sutch and some fellow musicians founded the party in the early 1980s. The party always brings satirical messages in each election. The party was quite successful in local government before 2005.

9. The Canadian Extreme Wrestling Party

This weird party was established in Canada in 1999 by a number of professional and amateur wrestlers. They chose the leader by holding a competition in which the last man standing will be elected as the leader of the party. The party seems like a joke but it also brings some serious messages such as the country’s involvement in NATO and economic as well as environmental problems.

10. The Rent is Too Damn High Party

It is a part serious-part joke political party from the U.S. The candidates ran for mayor of NYC in 2005 and 2009. In 2010, the party also ran for governor and senator. In 2009, the word “damn” was omitted from the official ballot because the number of the letters exceeded the letters allocated by the election laws. In 2010, the word was restored and the word “too” was shortened to “2.”

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