10 Weird Events Happened in 2011

Posted by redcherry | On: Jan 10 2012
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The year of 2011 has passed. So many events happened during that period, from the Arab uprising to the death of Steve Job, the man behind the success of Apple. Among the numerous stories covered by the media, there are several weird news popped up globally. What are they?

1. Anthony Weiner, an ex- U.S. Rep, tweeted his penis picture but then he said that his Tweeter account was hacked.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger the Terminator actor and ex-governor of California was found to have an affair with the housekeeper of the family. The affair sent forth a baby boy to the earth. The actor quickly apologized publicly to mend the damage.

3. Osama bin Laden the notorious Al Qaeda front man was eventually discovered by the U.S. Navy SEALs. But then he was killed in the raid, with no evidence of the capture left. The Obama administration claimed he was killed and his dead body was buried at the sea immediately.

4. The government shut down threat from the U.S. Congress made all the citizens of the country worrying. Previously in the midterm elections of 2010, the people chose Republicans to lead the House.

5. Harold Camping, a radio broadcaster, appalled the country by telling the people that the doomsday would come on May 21, 2011. After the world still continues after the due date, he predicted a new date which eventually passed, too.

6. Sarah Palin finally announced that she would not run for the president in the upcoming election after months of media spotlight. And weirdly, she chose to announce her decision on the Mark Levin radio instead of Fox News television.

7. Donald Trump gained public attention after accusing Obama of having a fake birth certificate again and again. He also surprised the public by announcing that he would run for the presidential election.

8. Rep. Congressman Chris Lee resigned after his sultry pictures leaked online. He appeared in Craiglist as a very fit fun classy guy with no clothes on and sent it to a woman through the site.

9. David Wu, a Democratic Congressman, also resigned from his office after he was accused of an aggressive, unwanted sexual encounter. Because of his weird tiger costume picture that leaked online, he was suspected of having some kind of mental disorder.

10. The country laughed when Eric Boling of Fox Business’ Follow the Money discussed about how communist the Muppets is in one of his show. He said the film brings red propaganda and all the people should be very cautious.

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