China Could Build A 30-Story Building in 15 Days! (Video)

Posted by redcherry | On: Jan 09 2012
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It seems China never stops captivating the world with all the achievements that they show to the public. Recently, a story about how the country built a 30-story building in just 15 days is spreading like virus. The strong opponent in the global trade, the US of A should admit the superiority of Mao’s country at this very second.

A Chinese construction company built the hotel building on the Hunan Province of Chine, close to Dongting Lake. The company, Broad Group, that has expertise in sustainable architecture took only about 36 hours to finish the construction and no one got hurt during the process.

The company boasts the earthquake resistance of the building. China Academy of Building Research done a test and the result showed that the building is extremely tough that it would not collapse when a 9 magnitude earthquake strike the area. Gizmodo that got the news from Xian Min Zhang, a reader who works at the construction company, told that the 30-story building uses prefabricated modules placed on steel structures.

The report also said that with the 4-paned windows with built-in shades and 6-inch thick glass curtain as the insulating material for the wall, the building is 5 times more energy efficient. Check out the video of the construction below:


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