10 Unusual Items Listed in eBay for Auction

Posted by redcherry | On: Jan 09 2012
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When you are about buying something via eBay, you may find some weird items listed for sale on auction. Just in case you haven’t found it, and giggled because of it, we hereby present 10 of those weird stuff being sale on eBay:

1. Original Hollywood Sign
The original sign of Hollywood was listed in the auction list in eBay in late of November 2005. This sign was finally sold for $450,400

2. Sea Urchin
It was back in 2004 when someone listed a new species of Sea Urchin on eBay. The name of the seller and buyer were not mentioned, but the new species of sea urchin later was given a name Coelopleurus exquisitus.

3. Elvis Presley’s Scrap of Drink Water
Once upon a time, Elvis Presley drank from a common cup during the 1977 concert in North Carolina. And then the few water that have been left in the plastic cup is listed on eBay, sold for $455.

4. Virgin Mary Cheese Sandwich
In 2004, a 10-year-old girl listed her partially eaten grilled cheese sandwich because she claimed that the sandwich showed the picture of Virgin Mary. She somehow managed to sell in for $28,000.

5. Middle Name
Matt Rouse, an American entrepreneur, auctioned the right to give him a new middle name on eBay on April 2005. But, the court refused to allow him to change his middle name after he received $8,000 bid. Until now, his middle name is still “Jean”.

6. German Language
This weird item was auctioned by German Language Association to attract German people’s attention upon the influence of English in modern German.

7. Unwanted Brussels Sprout
Being left over from Christmas dinner, the Brussels sprout was auctioned by a British man in January 2006. He got £1550 from the sprout and donated it in aid of cancer research.

8. Czech Air Force MiG-21 Fighter Jet
A former Czech Air Force MiG-21 fighter jet was listed in eBay in may 2006 by someone that used “inkgirle” as its user name. When a Chinese businessman named Zhang Cheng bought it for $24,730, the seller refused to ship it. There was no further notification about their transaction.

9. Iceland
In 2008, when Iceland was having a financial crisis, someone listed the land on eBay for auction.The lowest bid was 99 pence and the highest bid was 10 million pounds.

10. Bridgeville
Bridgeville is the first town ever sold in eBay. It has been auctioned for three times since its first appearance in 2002.

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