Top 10 Amazing Animals Reportedly Went Extinct

Posted by redcherry | On: Jan 06 2012
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Here are top ten amazing animals that went extinct from a long time ago:

1. Tyrannosaurus Rex (Extinct: 65 million years ago)

Considered as one of the largest carnivores of all time, this animal had a long and heavy tail to balance its skull and more importantly, it has two powerful small limbs. The fossil of T-Rex (another name of this dinosaur) have been found in North American region. The massive remains that were found in the area had allowed the scientist to study its life history.

2. Quagga (Extinct: 1883)

This half zebra – half horse animal is the most famous extinct animal in Africa, especially South Africa’s Cape Province and the southern part of the Orange Free State, the place where they came from. The animals met their extinction after being brutally hunted by Africans for meat and food stock in 1883. Until now, some scientists still study the DNA of this unique creature.

3. Thylacine (Extinct: 1936)

Thylacine is another name for Tasmanian tiger, the largest known carnivorous marsupial of modern times. This creature, with the distinctive stripes on its back, was extinct in the mainland of Australia long before Europeans settled in the continent. They were endemically found in Tasmanian region along with Tasmanian devils before officially reported to be extinct because of intensive hunting in the region.

4. Steller’s Sea Cow (Extinct: 1768)

This defenseless beast was firstly found in Asiatic coast of Bering sea 1741. Uniquely, this black gigantic creature was reportedly toothless and tame. It is believed that the extinction of this creature was triggered by the existence of humans in their environment. Their fossils were later found in North Pacific coast, Japan and Caifornia. Nowadays, there are some sea cow-like animals found in the area.

5. Irish Deer (Extinct: 7700 Years Ago)

Irish deer, which had 2.1 meters tall, is considered as the largest deer that ever lived. Some scientists believed that this deer met its extinction because being hunted by humans, but some other argued that the deer may have co-evolved along with human and presumably have adapted to their presence. So far, the study toward this animal focus only on its antler.

6. Caspian Tiger (Extinct: 1970)

Known as the third largest tigers in the world, this tiger was widely found in countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Caucasus, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. This furred animal had big and wide paws and large claws that drove the fury of this animal. Over its extinction issue, there were reports saying that this animal was occasionally sighted.

7. Aurochs (Extinct: 1627)

This large cattle is one of the most famous extinct animals in Europe. The extinction of this creature was triggered by the hunting done by humans. About 90 years ago two German zookeepers tried to breed back this creature by using the DNA left in its descendants, and they created a creature called Heck Aurochs, although the physical appearance is different from Aurochs.

8. Great Auk (Extinct: 1844)

This creature is known as the largest penguins of all time. This auk, that couldn’t fly, met its extinction because of being hunted by humans. Before its extinction, this creature was widely found in Canada, Great Britain, Greenland, Norway, Ireland and Iceland.

9. Cave Lion (Extinct: 2000 Years Ago)

Cave lion, which liven in some European countries, was the largest lion ever in the world. There are some opinion about the extinct of this creature. Some speculated that this lion went extinct in the age of Würm glaciation, which was 10,000 years ago, but some other claimed that this animal might still live till 2,000 years ago.

10. Dodo (Extinct: Late 17th Century)

Dodo was flightless type of bird widely found on the island of Mauritius. This creature was so famous for its extinction was triggered by human existence in their habitat. Nowadays people often say the phrase “to go the way of the dodo” to refer to become extinct or obsolete.


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