Scientists: Living on Mars is Possible!

Posted by redcherry | On: Jan 06 2012
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After long and expensive studies related to planet Mars were conducted, there came a statement saying that this red planet is habitable.

The lighting note statement came from some researchers of Australia National University. They determined that the planet may contain water under its red surface. In fact, their study found that there are places in the planet that have sufficient temperature to the people from Earth. The point is, this place is more habitable than we previously thought.

Charley Lineweaver, the project leader, said that they found 3% of the area in Mars are habitable . He told the Huffington Post that the water, pressure and temperature on Mars make the planet habitable.

The most surprising fact is Mars has a large habitable region compared to Earth regarding the water condition. The only problem before we can really move to the neighbor planet is, the 3% habitable parts of Mars are located underground. In addition, the current atmosphere of the planet is too low to be inhabited by human.

“Our results are mainly relevant for microbes. However, for warmth, insulation and protection from cosmic rays, and to have enough pressure to keep water liquid, subterranean (or rather sub-Martian) human colonies with abundant water features may be the niche of choice for human colonization,” Lineweaver, an astrobiologist of the university, said.

This finding, besides opening the possibility to stay in Mars, also adding another issue to the discussion of the existence of ET in other planets. Lineweaver even suggested to conduct a thorough study to solve one ancient question: where we all came from? “There is also the possibility that we are all Martians in the sense that terrestrial life may have originated on Mars and been transported to Earth during the first half of our solar system a billion years ago,” he argued.


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