Now Trending (Again) in Asia: Lensless Glasses

Posted by redcherry | On: Jan 06 2012
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There is always something fresh and new and.. strange about Asian fashion style. After making a stir by wearing crazy clothing, the people are now making another stir by wearing a lensless glasses.

This is the latest trend in some Asian countries like China, Korea and Japan. You can see many Asians use lensless glasses in bright color in line with the color of their outfits or hair. There are many reasons to follow this craze according to Chu Fun, one of the users. She said that the glasses are great because, besides they suit her outfit, they are also practical, they can cover the dark circle in her eyes if in case she doesn’t have times to put make up on. In addition, the glasses don’t have fogging, like common glasses, and don’t spoil her fake eyelashes or mascara.

Raymond Chan, a nurse who has a perfect vision, wears this strange glasses to make her eyes look bigger – Asians tend to have smaller eyes than Europeans or Americans. And since a lot of the Asians celebrities have worn this lensless glasses, many people wore it too to follow the trend, that used to be popular in Japan in the 1990s, but soon died before people recognized it.

These crazy glasses can be found in street stalls or shops in various price, from $4 to $12. Want to grab another weird thing from Japan in particular? Check out 10 weird Japanese food here.

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