Janitor Found Treasure Worth Millions at German Library

Posted by redcherry | On: Jan 06 2012
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Working at a library is not always boring. Besides you can get a lot of knowledge by reading the books from its collections, you may also find a box of treasure at the library, just like what this janitor at Passau state library in Germany, Tanja Hols, did. She found a box of old coins while doing her usual working activities at the library last week.

Hols said the box was not really dandy. It’s like a usual jewelry box with many small drawers inside. But the coins are precious for they belong to Passau’s prince-bishop from the 19the century. She then told her boss at the library who believed that the bishop kept secret the treasure at the library to avoid the tax.

After the library done some examination, the coins were identified to come from ancient Rome, Greece and the Byzantine empire. Considered to be thousands of years old, these 172 well-preserved coins can be worth millions.

The library officials were so shocked finding this valuable treasure inside the library. They decided to reward Hols for discovering and reporting this treasure box to the officials before daring to open it. “We are certainly going to promote her to the curating side of the museum and we’re discussing a suitable reward for her,” the librarian spokesman said.


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