10 Weird People Across The World

Posted by redcherry | On: Jan 06 2012
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Do you ever met strange persons? How strange are they? I’m sure, none of them are as strange as the people listed below:

1. Hai Ngoc: Hasn’t slept for three decades

After catching a fever in 1973, this 64-year-old Vietnamese men claimed that he hasn’t sleep for 11,700 nights. Yes, he has been counting, just like he counted an infinite numbers of sheep to get sleep every night. He has done various ways to get asleep, like counting sheep and drinking liquor, but none of them were working. Uniquely, Ngoc is still as fit as usual, and doctors stated the he is healthy. Hey, doctors, so your theory about 10 sleeping myths here are not correct?

2. Sanju Bhagat: Had his twin brother in his stomach

This Indian man look like he’s been pregnant for nine months. And yes, he can be said as pregnant because his stomach is filled with a fetus, who is his own brother. Doctors have operated his stomach and removed the fetus. Bhagat’s medical conditions is rarely found. The condition is called fetus in fetu.

3. Shoici Yokoi: Hid for almost 28 years after WW II

He was a soldier back in the time of the WW II. So, when he was sent to Guam to fight there, he got himself hiding from the American forces. As a soldier, he was assigned to Guam but after American soldiers managed to take over the island, he hid there. What he didn’t know is that he kept hiding for almost 28 years without knowing that the WW II had ended. He was found by two Guam locals in an underground jungle cave on January 1972.

4. Mehran Karimi Nasser: Lives in Airport since 1988

This Iranian refugee lived in the departure lounge in Charles de Gaulle Airport, France, from1988 until 2006. He lived there because he was tortured and expelled by his home country and rejected by some Europe’s asylum. He was not accepted by  the institution because he lacked some required documents to prove that he was a refugee. So, equipped with a cart containing his bags, he appeared in the airport just like other travelers.

5. Matayosi Mitsuo: Claimed as Jesus

This Japanese eccentric politician claimed himself as God and Jesus who would bring the Last Judgement within the political system. His dream to this Last Judgement was never been fulfilled because he had never been elected as Japan Prime Minister – he said that being the Prime Minister is the first step to realize the judgement.

6. Lal Bihari: Claimed as most officially dead person

This Indian man (born 1961) fought for about 18 years to prove that he is still alive. This strange issue occurred because his uncle bribed the bank to register himself as dead to own Bihari’s land in 1976. His effort to prove that he is alive earned a good result in 1994 after he fought Association of the Dead and Indian government bureaucracy. Later, this Indian farmer found more than a hundred people with the same condition.

7. David Icke: Investigated the ruler of the world

This former football player, presenter and British Green Party national spokesperson acted as a fulltime investigator to reveal the one who controlled the world since THE 1990s. He put much effort to prove that the ruler of the world was a secret group he called “the elite”, a race of reptilian humanoids. He put forward his finding in a five-hour speech at the University of Toronto in 1999.

8. David Allen Bawden: Elected as Pope Michael I by only six voters

David Bawden was elected the Pope Michale I by only six people, including himself and his parents in 1990. The condition was caused by the absence of the College of Cardinals in the election day. So, under principle of “Epikeia”, he was elected by ordinary Catholics, in his opinion of course.

9. Yoshiro Nakamatsu: Photographed and analyzed every meal for 34 years

This Japanese man analyzed and photographed every meal he had for about 34 years in order to reach 140 years old in his life. This doctor claimed to get world records for inventing more than 3,000 things, including floppy disk and “pyonpyon” spring shoes.

10. Michel Lotito: Eat everything

Being an entertainer in France, this man is popularly known as Monsieur Mangetout (Mister Eat-it-all). He can eat metal, glass, rubber, television, a Cessna 150 and other things without being sick and even dead. His best consumption is an aircraft, that he ate for roughly 2 years from 1978-1980. He noticed this strange ability ever since he was just a little child.


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