Real Polyamorous Family: Jaiya, Ian and Jon and.. their Baby

Posted by redcherry | On: Jan 05 2012
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Do you ever heard about polyamorous? Maybe. But, have you seen it in the real life? I doubt about it. Well, here is a funny and bizarre story about polyamorous happens in real life.

First of all, let me help you to define the word polyamorous. Polyamorous is a practice of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the full knowledge and consent of everyone involved.

Now, let me tell you the story. The story involved Jaiya Ma (34) and her two boyfriends, Jon Hanauer (49) and Ian Ferguson (44) with one little baby she got from her relationship with Ian. The story started when Jaiya met Jon in 2000 at a Tantric Yoga class and fell in love with him. She currently engaged with a man, Tony, that later broke up because Tony was not comfortable with an open relationship.

Jaiya then lived with Jon, who after living together for six years suggested Jaiya to find another lover. So, Jaiya looked for another man and somehow managed to find someone younger in 2007, and Jon was completely fine with that. But, as Jon noticed that the new man was cheating on Jaiya with her friend, he was so frustrated, feeling that he could have protected Jaiya better.

After the heart-breaking incident, Jaiya continued her effort to find a new lover, obviously a better one, with the support of Jon. After putting an ads on Craiglist about her condition, she found a man, Ian Ferguson, in her dance class and fell for him, also very quickly.

When Jaiya was pregnant with Ian’s baby, they decided to live together with Jon. So, there they lived as a happy polyamorous family. Uniquely, both of the lovers were present when Jaiya was giving birth to Ian’s baby, that later was named Eamon.

Now, that Eamon is two-and-a-half years old, they decide to find other partners to participate in their little polyamorous group. “I’m looking for adventure at the moment, so I might want to find another partner in the future. But I’ll always have a relationship with Jon and Ian, however that evolves,” Jaiya says. Ian, who is in line with Jaiya’s opinion, says, “I hope if we have new relationships they will add to the group. It would be great to have other polyamorous people in our area, so the community can support each other.”

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