Jatinga, A Favorite Place for Birds to Commit Suicide

Posted by redcherry | On: Jan 05 2012
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Behind its quiet, panoramic and peace ambiance, Jatinga, the headquarters of Dima Hasao district, keeps a very mysterious phenomenon that has gripped the village for about a few decades. It has been known for long that this village becomes a favorite resting place for several kinds of migratory birds, such as emerald doves, Indian and green-breasted pitta, green pigeons,  whistling ducks, kingfishers, and others. They come to this place every migration season to have a rest from their migratory trips.

But people in Jatinga are confused because of the mysterious behavior of the birds. They were said to be active during the day, but as the sun went down in the west between September and November (the migratory period), hundreds of birds formed a massive dark cloud in the air and flew down in a full speed toward buildings and trees and crashed into them.

“The most puzzling thing to me about this phenomenon is that so many species of diurnal resident birds should be on the move when, by definition, they should be fast asleep. The problem deserves a deeper scientific study from various angles,” said Salim Ali, India’s leading ornithologist, commenting on the mysterious behaviour of the birds.

With the mystery is yet unsolved, people in the surrounding area just called the phenomenon as “avian hara-kiri”, even though the term was argued by some people saying that it was just a natural occurrence in which the birds were attracted by light and flew towards them. But, some ornithologists insisted that the electro-magnetic forces of the area has something with this phenomenon.

Nowadays, many people come to the site to see the “birds hara-kiri” process. Instead of regretting the dead of this creature, people who came to the site, not to mention the locals, put bamboo traps to catch the birds and consume them with gusto, Indian traditional meal.

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