Chinese Chef Spent $628 to Build an American Military Vehicle-like Hummer Jeep

Posted by redcherry | On: Jan 05 2012
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This Chinese chef got his knockoff Hummer Jeep just for $628. It was not that he got it from an auction or black markets, but he built it himself for almost three years.

The idea of building his own jeep came after he saw another Chinese man’s pictures working on his home-made Lamborghini. Qu Zhibo, the name of the chef, then convinced himself to make one. But it took him three years to build this 2-meters-long and 1.5-meters-high Jeep because he was busy working on his restaurant.

Originally the Jeep was made to resemble the American military vehicle, because he is a military fan, but the result was just like an array of thrashes on wheels that was far from the image of American military vehicle. A small camouflage painting would make the car look more tough and realistic perhaps.

All the parts on this Jeep, except the steering wheel, engine, tires and gas tank, were made by himself. It explained why the cost of this unique Jeep was so low.

The vehicle, that is powered by motorcycle engine, can only run at 30km/h as its top speed. For this vehicle is not legal to operate in public road, Zhibo only uses the Jeep around his restaurant. The news about Zhibo managed to invent such a unique vehicle makes him a popular person right now in China.

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