10 Myths About Sleeping You Wanna Know

Posted by redcherry | On: Jan 05 2012
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Sleeping is one of our daily activities we could not leave behind unless we want to get exhausted after a day of struggling with this life. These are the revelations of 10 myths about sleeping that will be beneficial for you to get a better understanding so there will be no mislead information any longer.

1. Sleeping is merely resting
Recommended time allocated to sleep every day is 7-9 hours. Sleeping is not just resting. It gives our body and mind time to rest. It is like a time to repair physical and mental conditions that have been damaged after performing daily routine.

2. It’s okay to lose an hour of sleep
7-9 hours of sleep is immutable. Do not lessen the time because when you lose even only an hour, your ability to perform certain tasks (physically and cognitive) will be decreased. Enough sleeping can also boost the mood.

3. Adjusting to sleep changes is easy.
People who usually work on shifts and often travel from one place to another that has different time zones tend to find difficulties to sleep. Even the time change is only an hour or two, the body will find it hard to adjust the sense of time.

4. Senior can sleep less than people in general
Once again, 7-9 hours of sleep is the sleeping time recommended by the experts for the people. It is totally wrong if you think that older people sleep less because of their age.

5. Sleep longer means fitter condition
It is often found that people who feel very tired will try to get some sleep as long as they can to help them getting the fit condition back. Sleeping more than 9 hours a day is not recommended. Instead, exercising is one thing to recommend by doctors if sleeping cannot help wiping out the fatigue.

6. It’s normal for the people to snore
Many people snore while they are asleep. It is common, but it is not normal. People who snore every time they sleep perhaps have some sleep disorders. If the snore is loud and frequent, it means you have to meet your doctors right at this very second.

7. Worry causes insomnia
It is not necessarily true that insomnia is caused merely by a worry. Other factors can also prevent people from having a good night sleep such as taking medications and physical condition. Asthma, depression, arthritis and anxiety can also contribute to your sleepless night.

8. Napping is wasting time
If you find it hard to get 7-9 hours of sleep at night, go try to take a nap every day. It has many benefits to your body. But taking a nap for more than one hour or after 3o’clock in the afternoon can make you find it a bit hard to sleep at night.

9. Children tend to be overtired if they sleep less
Do not treat children as adults. When adults are tired, they will be limp and worn out. In contradiction, children will extremely active when they are tired because their adrenaline rushes in. Children who sleep less may have behavior problems.

10. Weekend is time to catch up
Because of daily routine during weekdays, people often sleep less than what the doctors suggest. They think they can catch up on their sleep in the weekends when they have more spare times in home. It is wrong because sleeping is daily activity.


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