10 Bizarre Religious Practises in Modern Religions

Posted by redcherry | On: Jan 05 2012
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Every religion has its own practices to express the belief to “the one”. Some of them are just usual practices, but there are also some that quite strange and weird, though. Here are some weird religious practices that will raise your eyebrows:

1. Mormon Temple Underwear

Adherents of this Latter Day Saint movement usually use some kind of garments while doing a ritual ceremony known as washing and anointing ordinance that usually held in a temple. They consider the temple garments to be a sacred underclothing that should not be discussed in public. The garments have certain symbols connected to the “Compass and the Square”, the symbols of freemasonry.

2. Scientology E-Meter

This E-Meter is an electronic equipment that can be found in the Church of Scientology. They use this device in a session by connecting the device to the subjects, then the examiner asks a series of questions and notes both the verbal response and the activity of the meter. Even though the US District Court had clearly stated in 1971 that this device was not helpful to detect, treat or prevent any diseases or to diagnose the body function, but the church still uses the device in their practice.

3. Exorcism

This is an ancient practice held mostly in the tradition of Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches. The aim of this practice is to force out the evil spirits that are believed to have possessed someone or some things. This practice can only be done by certain priests with the permission from local bishop.

4. Jewish Kaparot

It is a Jewish traditional ritual that is done to transfer someone’s sin to other creatures, usually chicken. The chicken is grasped by the shoulder blades, then is moved around three times in the sinner’s head. After the ritual, the chicken is given to some poor family. The ritual is started by reading Psalms 107:17-20 and Job 33:23-24. However, this practice had gained critiques from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for its mistreatment to chickens.

5. Shamanism

Shamanism is a practice that allows its practitioners to communicate with the spirit world. The practice is done to cure human who suffer or to make human suffering. Shamanism is used by Dalai Lama to predict the future. However, Shamanism is not only practiced by Tibetan, but also many other tribes such as African, Mayan, and Indian.

6. Dowry

It is a practice in India that requires all the girls in the country to ask for dowry as the requirements of their wedding ritual. This practise has made most families who want to hold a wedding ceremony bankrupt because the dowry and wedding expenses are very high. Despite the ban of the practice, many Indian women still demand dowry for their wedding.

7. Mormon Baptism of the Dead

This bizarre religious practice is also called as a proxy baptism. The practice is to baptise a living person as the representative of a dead person. In this case, the living person is the proxy of the dead person. This practise is only held in dedicated temples by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

8. Jainist Digambaras

This weird religious practice is done by Digambaras sect, a part of Jainism. The seniors followed the central tenets of Jainism,  Lord Mahavira. So, they do this practice by putting no clothes as well. Uniquely, they don’t want to be called naked people. They claim that they are wearing the environment.

9. Islamic Niqab

Many Arab countries have this weird religious practice. The practice requires Muslim women to cover their face with clothes. Some Muslims consider the niqab as an obligatory, but some others see it as just recommended. However, there are also a few others that consider it to be forbidden.

10. Jehovah’s Witnesses Refusal of Blood Transfusions

It is a fundamental doctrine in the Jehovah’s Witnesses religion that prohibits the consumption, storage and transfusion of blood, even though it is emergency. Although they said that this practise is stated in their Bible, but some of its adherents do not wholly agree to this doctrine.


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