Is Omarion’s Ex-Wife A Transgender or Lesbian?

Posted by redcherry | On: Nov 17 2011
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Omarian’s ex-wife, Deb, has made a sensational issue by publishing her new photograph in Twitter after recently Omarion tweeted that he didn’t believe in lesbian. Deb announced the change of his look and lifestyle in Twitter by tweeting her man-like picture with very short hair, abundant tattoo and tough-guy style.

Her new style was completely different compared to her past style when she was still with Omarion. It was obvious when she walked on the red carpet beside Omarion (see the e picture) when she used red lipstick and leth her long hair falling. These newly published style has triggered a premature-concluded tweet from someone with HipHopN3Ws nickname  saying that Deb undergone a sex change operation.

This can be a big deal if we relate it to Omarian’s recent tweet, saying that he could turn all lesbians straight with only a wave of his magic wand.  ”I don’t believe in Lesbians…they change around me…even if they just want to sample…I can be the ‘example’”, he tweeted. If Omarion was true about his ability to turn lesbians straight, now it can be concluded that Deb is a transgender for her new looking, apart from her testimony saying that she is a lesbian, or not.


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