Tiny Woman Has Her Giant Amputated Leg Growing Back

Posted by redcherry | On: Nov 09 2011
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Mandy Sellars (36) is horrified when she knows that the stump of her amputated leg is growing back, and it grows fast. It is one of her giant legs that have 70 pounds weight. She had it amputated 22 months ago for she suffered a condition called Proteus syndrome. It is a syndrome that causes an  abnormal growth of particular part of our body, such as bones, head, skin and even tumors. In this case, Sellars has her legs grows in different way to the normal people. The experts said there have been 120 person in the world diagnosed with the same condition.

It was two years ago that Sellars’ foot infected with septicaemia, the virus that caused Proteus Syndrom. Before the misfortune occurrence, she was able to enjoy her life happily by taking as much walking and social activities as she wanted. But, as doctors said that the virus could have caused her dead, she let the doctors to amputate one of her legs.

But now, 22 months later, the stump is growing back. It is growing back so fast that it almost breaks the prosthetic leg. As interviewed by Daily Mail, Sellars said that she expected her leg to be fine after the amputation, but somehow, the virus that infected her leg refused to cooperate. And now she finds it hard to fit in to the prosthetic leg as the stump gets ballooned as it now weighs three stones with one meter round.

She hopes that experts will find the cure soon enough because it is hard to live that way. There are times when she was out for a couple of business, she heard people saying “look at the size of those feet”, that is hurtful. But she is now striving on having positive thinking on everything she will go through by considering that there are also people whose condition is worse than hers.



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