$31.200 for John Lennon’s Rotten Tooth

Posted by redcherry | On: Nov 08 2011
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The picture on the left is not just an ordinary tooth. It’s  John Lennon’s tooth that has been kept by the family of Lennon’s ex housekeeper for years. it is said that Lennon wanted the tooth to be disposed by giving it to Dot Jarlett circa 1964-1968, but then he realized that her daughter was a huge fan of the band so he suggested she keep the tooth to give to her daughter. However, for uncertain reason, the tooth has gone to Omega Auction House.

It has not been scientifically confirmed that it is really John Lennon’s tooth because the molar is too fragile to be DNA tested, but the owner of the Omega Auction House, in which the tooth is being actioned, told CNN that the tooth really is John Lennon’s for it came from Jarlett. After an auction process, the tooth was eventually sold by Omega Auction House for $31.200. A seemingly Canadian Beatles fanatic who works as a dentist made it to win the precious tooth. However, the Omega has not yet officially announced the name of the winner. The announcement is due on Saturday.

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