London Big Ben Leaning, Could Fall on MP’s Offices

Posted by uniquecherry | On: Oct 11 2011
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Big Ben is about to fall down? According to the engineers, this famous tower is now leaning, even the people could see its sloping position clearly. The Daily Telegraph reported that the top of the clock tower is almost one-and-a-half feet off  the perpendicular now. It is said that at this leaning speed, the tower will reach the leaning angle of the Pisa Tower within 4,000 years.

If the tower is happened to fall, it will fall on the MP’s offices of the road in Portcullis House. But the engineers said it is unlikely that the tower will fall.  The civil engineers believe that this Big Ben is sinking on the land which is built gradually. It seems the sinking is not even. The sinking process on the north side is more quickly than the south part.

The emeritus professor and senior research investigator from imperial College London, John Burland, said, “The tilt is now just about visible.” Besides working on the Big Ben, he also works on Pisa Tower as well.

He added, “You can see it if you stand in Parliament Square and look east, towards the river. I have heard tourists there taking photographs saying ‘I don’t think it is quite vertical’- and they are quite right.”

Mr. Burland continued, “If it started greater acceleration, we would have to look at doing something but I don’t think we need to do anything for a few years yet.”

For the next years, it seems like London will have the second leaning tower or called it as leaning Big Ben tower.


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