Filipino Big Fan Doing Plastic Surgeries to Look Like Superman

Posted by uniquecherry | On: Oct 11 2011
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It is completely hilarious to know the fact that there is a very fanatic fan of Superman who obviously obsesses with the Superman character that makes him doing cosmetic surgeries to resemble his hero.

The 35 year old Herbert Chavez of the Philippines has started doing a series of surgery since 1998 to look like the superhero.  He had his chin augmented to make his appearance perfect. Well, as we know the sexy chin of Clark Kent becomes the trademark of the American superhero. He also had rhinoplasty to make his nose similar to Christopher Reeves, the actor who played Superman. In addition, he had a silicone injection on his lips to make it fuller and thigh implant to make muscular legs.

He said, “I have been a life-long fan of superman after being given the costume when I was child. As I am only 5ft 6 while Superman is 6ft 2 I would not rule out surgery to make me taller.”

He has numerous collections of Superman memorabilia. He even has some memorabilia in its original packaging so that it will not lose the value. His house in Calamba is fully loaded with Superman thins. A life size statues stands there. It is also filled with comics, action figures, posters and also clothing. This diehard fan of Superman is unbeatable!



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  1. Sayed says:

    Haha…I’m a superman fan too but come on, Christopher Reeve is just an actor…lol.

    Thanks for sharing. :)

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