Top 10 Weird and Unusual Hairstyles

Posted by redcherry | On: Oct 10 2011
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People usually want the best style for their hair, but the definition of “the best” seems largely different for one person compared with another.Here is how the people define “the best” according to their own opinions. While living in this so called democracy era, we have to appreciate the diversity and different opinions, right? Enjoy it…

1. Cap hair

No need to buy a cap, dude!

2. “Bermuda Triangle”

Watch you planes, they might get drowned…

3. Ice cream hair

Wait, ice cream or poo? You decide..:D

4. Punk hair

With such long hair, he used to be a Metal guy, I suppose..

5. Cool goat

Hail to the hairdresser!!

6. Helicopter hair

So, can you fly with those propellers, Miss?

7. Yin and Yang

Life is in balance..

8. Emo girl

I thought Emo was only for the nerds, not fashionista

9. Two faces

Brilliant idea!

10. WTF! lol

Don’t get mad if they call you shitty head, guy…

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  1. christine says:

    8. is a scene kid, not an emo..

  2. Giraffe says:

    That’s a giraffe, not a goat.

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