Lost African Penguin Popped Up On Hampshire Beach

Posted by uniquecherry | On: Oct 10 2011
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It seems a band of penguins has lost one of its members during the migration. There is a lost penguin found on Hampshire Beach! This poor little fellow is too far away from home. The visitors of the beach were surprised when they spotted the lost penguin. While enjoying the heat at the beach, the people saw the penguin playing in the wave.

The penguin is believed to be a jackass penguin species which is originated in South Africa, about 6,000 miles away from the beach as reported by the Sun. The beach visitors videotaped the penguin action in diving in and out of the waves.

One of the visitors, 35 year-old Joanne Gordon of Aldershot, said, “I could not believe it when I saw it swimming around away only six foot from me.”

This little fellow is wandering around the harbor to give surprises to the bystanders. Hopefully, the bird will be saved from its lost journey and be taken care in a proper place.


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