Black Fur Monkey Gave Birth to Flame Haired Little Monkey

Posted by uniquecherry | On: Sep 30 2011
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A black fur monkey gives birth to a ginger fur monkey. It happens in London. The color of the mother and the child are totally different but they are one family. The name of the monkey which has a flame color is Tango.  Both parents of the monkey have a black color but because Tango’s mother is a rare Francois’ langurs monkey, this phenomenon is common in typical offspring. The happy family live in ZSL London Zoo.

The zookeeper, Kathryin Sanders, said that Tango is currently red but it will not take a long time to turn into its normal color. Sanders said that the fur will be darker within three months and it will all in dark black color within six months. Francois’ Langurs are protected since they are included in the list of the rarest monkey species in the world. The species is native to China and North East Vietnam.

Francois’ Langurs have been classified in almost extinct species since the numbers were getting smaller each day in 1990. The natural habitat for of the species is in a moist forest where grows shelters rocky areas. They eat fruit buds, seeds stems, leaves and bark supplement in wild life.

The numbers of the species are very least. There are less than 500 Francois Langurs in Vietnam and only 1500 in China while zoos in US only have 60. The birth of Tango is definitely a gift to make the numbers of this monkey species increasing.


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