Breast Slapping: Thai’s Technique to Super Size Breasts (Video)

Posted by redcherry | On: Sep 29 2011
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Thailand has some quirky alternative for women who are too afraid to have surgery on the breast but desperately want to augment the size. The Thailand government has this silly idea called “breast slapping.”

What is “breast slapping”? It’s a new method developed by a beauty shop in Bangkok that is later approved by the Health Ministry to increase the size of the breasts as well as the buttocks. Well, they said it is not merely to super size the breasts but also to prevent breast cancer.

Khemmikka Na Songkhla a.k.a Khunying Tobnom the owner of the beauty shop promotes this non surgical method in all over the country. She claims the method is a bit painful but very effective.

Khemmikka said she gets the secret of the technique from her grandmother. She said it was all started when she was a teenager, her grandmother told her to stop wasting her money and time to buy cream and rub the breasts. Her grandmother then applied this unique technique of slapping the breasts. According to her story, her breasts were slapped several times and doused with cold water. At last, the breasts augmented by 4 inches. She plans to reveal the secret to 10 chosen people but with a high price.

The government seems fully supports the treatment because besides approving it, they also sponsor some distinct program that urges Thai women to learn the technique. The government approved it in 2003 as a natural alternative to surgery.

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