Jeb Corliss, American Daredevil Skydiver, Flew Through Tianamen Mountain (Video)

Posted by redcherry | On: Sep 28 2011
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Jeb Corliss, an American stuntman, professional BASE jumper and daredevil wingsuit flyer, had made a new record by flying through the Chinese mountain’s 6,5000 feet archway.

Corliss did the risky action in the Tianamen mountain in Hunan Province, China, on September 25, 2011. He managed to fly at speeds of 75mph through the hole of the mountain. The Stunt Junkies host glided for about a mile before eventually setting up his parachute and then stepping his feet safely and sound nearby a bridge.

According to BBC, this was not his first attempt. Previously, he failed the stunt after his smoke brackets did not work properly.

The Wingsuit Flyer expressed his feeling immediately after the landing, “That was one of the greatest wingsuit flights of my entire life. Thank you China, that was amazing. I love it, oh my God.”

Jebb Corliss, a famous skydiver, had jumped from several popular sites around the world including the Eiffel Tower and Twin Tower. In 2010, Corliss was banned permanently from the Empire State Building. Back in2006, his attempt to jump from the building was failed by the building security. NYPD arrested him and Manhattan State judge put him on three years of probation and 100 hours social service.

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