Woman Scammed Into Buying A Wooden iPad 2

Posted by bizarrecherry | On: Sep 01 2011
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McDowell was at the McDonald’s car park when two men approached her and offered her to buy an iPad 2 for far less than the retail price. Anybody would find it a bargain if somebody is selling an iPad 2 for $130, less than prices anywhere. This sought out gadget by every people around the world could but not every one could by the gadget. Ms McDowell maybe thought it would be her lucky day when she stumbled onto 2 strangers selling her the iPad 2.

The Fed-Ex Boxed iPad 2 transaction was a fast and easy, all she had to do to get the gadget was to give them cash and she could bring the gadget home in the parking lot of McDonald. She then didn’t bother to check the content of the box believing it is her lucky day. The content of the box turned out to be a wooden iPad 2, thus the $180 dollar quick transaction turned out to be a dumb mistake.

Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Tony Ivey said,

“While the department has seen a rise in scams involving items bought from craigslist or eBay, this is the first to hear about iPads being sold from a vehicle.”

So be sure in the future not to buy an iPad 2 from a stranger in the parking lot of McDonald’s. McDowell was so caught up in the moment the two duo made up to make her buy the wooden iPad 2. It was her fault to believe in such luck. There is no such luck buying a gadget $130 dollars off it’s original price.




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