Chinese Professor Created the World’s Smallest Frog

Posted by bizarrecherry | On: Aug 29 2011
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The tiny frog a half of centimeter long could only be seen through a magnifying glass. A computer science professor from Jiangxi Science and Technology University in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, claimed to have made the tiny frog through artificial breeding, making it the smallest specimen of frog.

Hu Gansheng, 56, developed the no bigger than the size of a pea frog. The professor had crossbred several frogs where he found in a local area. This tiny frog is capable to jump 10 centimeters with its small size. The professor then explained how exactly he did it:

“Last year, I went to the suburbs and caught several types of frogs, and dedicated myself to cross-breeding them to make new frog type. This type of new frog is very small, but very active. They love sports”, said Hu.

In his own time he is thrilled that he has accomplished such tiny specimen through crossbreeding. He is planning to keep on making these small froggies which he will market and sell as novelty pets. Genetic tinkering has its dark side and maybe with more time these small harmless looking frogs will be more than what he had bargained for in the future.



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