Top 10 Facts About Lady Gaga

Posted by uniquecherry | On: Aug 26 2011
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This singer is known as one of the most eccentric singers because of her unusual performances and appearances. The pop star whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta also has been very popular and often pops up in the news headlines.  Are you a fan of Lady Gaga? I feel sorry for the ban of several of her several songs in China recently. There are some facts about Lady Gaga that you should know in case you have not known it yet. Here they are:
1. She learned piano by her own ears when she was 4 year old. She wrote her own song when she was 13 years old and when she was 14  she started doing performance at open mic nights.
2. When she was a teenager, she often ran off her house.
3. The first album that she bought by her own money is Dookie from the legendary punk rock band, Greenday.
4. Many people think that this star admired no one, in truth this celebrity is a die hard fan of Prince Harry.
5. You won’t believe the fact that this celebrity loves to cook.
6. Once in 2008, Lady Gaga is compared to Christina Aguilera. Christina stated that she does not know whether Lady Gaga is a man or woman.
7. Lady Gaga looks very tall on the screen. The fact that her height is only 1.55 meters. Technology helps her improve her appearance.
8. Lady Gaga will only concern on music and art. She is not going to get marry.
9. Guess what is Lady Gaga’s first job? Her first job was go-go-Dancer and also waitresses.
10. She feels sorry since she was not born in 1960s so she could tease John Lennon.

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