Real Life Bionic Girl Lives in Europe (Video)

Posted by bizarrecherry | On: Aug 26 2011
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Young girl who recently received bionic hand is now the youngest girl in Europe to have the prosthetic arm. Previously, a boy was given a bionic arm by F1 racing team. And now the young girl have a similar prosthetic.

Chloe Holmes lived her years without fingers since she was a baby. A chicken pox had resulted in blood poisoning so the doctors had to remove some of her fingers. Now, after a couple of years, her parents paid £38,000 for the bionic arm, unlike the lucky boy who had to send a letter to the F1 racing team to get the fund. This attachment officially makes her the youngest kid to have such modern and advanced bionic limb.

Before kids at school would stare and make fun of her because of her unusual hands, she decided to drop out from school. But now the uncomfortable glare at her hand would not be a problem as she view the issue in positive way.

“I think I’ll get a lot of staring and stuff, but I won’t mind now because I got this hand and I like it,” she said.

The video will show you how the bionic arm could really help people who are disabled. Prior to the attachment, she couldn’t pick up anything without using her two arms. Now, with the bionic arm she could easily grab on anything and controlling it.



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