Naked Stabber Says World Ends While On Stabbing Rampage

Posted by bizarrecherry | On: Aug 25 2011
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Christian Falero, 23, stripped down naked after the Earth Quake that shook his apartment building. Naked and scared, the crazy young man picked up a knife and started to scream, “The world is going to end! I want to die!” while running around with knife wanting to kill some one after the East coast earthquake. He managed to kill one person and wounding 4 others.

The victims family explained how it happened, “He was shouting, he was saying the world was ending because of the quake. The guy was bugging out.” said Edwin Rivera whose mother was stabbed eight times.

Falero, the crazy stabber, stabbed four people in his rampage and killed 81 year old Ignacio Collazo. He then stabbed himself as reported by the police. Falero was also charged with murder and robbery.

Rivera who lives near the naked stabber’s room saw him knocking on her door through the peep hole. She tried to call her mother but didn’t have any time. Then Falero stabbed her mother in the face, chest, lungs and legs. Although in stable condition she is scheduled for surgery on Thursday at the Harlem Hospital.

“My grandmother tells me that the man with the knife said the world was going to end and that he is ready to die,” said victim’s granddaughter Giovanna Rivera, 32, who was at the hospital.

After the 5.8 magnitude earthquake at 1:51pm Faleor began to panic and strip. The victim who died Collazo, had wounds on his head and chest. His wife is recovering at the New York Hospital. Other victims had been stabbed in the eye and are recovering though still in critical condition. The last victim was punched and is in stable condition.

Source:  Yahoo News

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