Germany’s Used Nuclear Power Plant Now A Theme Park

Posted by bizarrecherry | On: Aug 25 2011
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The site of a used nuclear cooling tower is made for good use in the Wunderland Kalkar in Germany. The former deadly site is now a theme park!

The theme park is used to be a place  to produce mass amounts of electricity with nuclear reactors where men went to work with white anti radiation suits. Now, the site is filled with entertainments where you could bring your family and children to play.

It must be cool to enjoy games and rides in this former nuclear reactor plant. There are swings, log flume, big wheel, 130 ft climbing wall, crazy golf and tennis, carousel, 80 football pitches and many more to enjoy.

Built in 1972 the nuclear power plant had been closed in 1986 over the fear of a nuclear disaster after the Chernobyl disaster and has been  deserted ever since. Hennie van der Most, a Dutch man who happens to be a businessman bought the desserted complex in 1995 and slowly began to turn it into an amusement park.

Hotel, bars, and restaurants were added and now are attracting 500 people with more than 40 rides and a museum. Some people will worry about the radiation level and fear if their children are exposed to the deadly substance, but the spokeswoman said “ it is 100 per cent safe.”

“The power station has never been put to use, so the whole complex is guaranteed free of radiation,” said the spokeswoman.


Source: Metro

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