Death of Best Friend Triggers A Heart Attack, Both Die

Posted by bizarrecherry | On: Aug 25 2011
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Young Yasmina Sugliano truly could not live without her best friend Portia Jones. Yasmina had a panic attack when her mother gave the bad news to her: her best friend Portia who was battling a long term illness finally died.

“She got so much of a shock from Portia’s death that her heart went into a dangerous, irregular beat and it didn’t recover. We don’t know exactly how  she died. But from what nurses told me it looks like the grief could have triggered an underlying heart condition.”

For a half an hour medics were trying to save the 25 year old Yasmina but she died shortly despite the attempt,just hours from the death of her best friend. The two girls met at a hospital two years ago for cystic fibrosis treatment. Portia who was recently married was waiting for a double lung transplant, as for Yasmina was treated for a chest infection.

‘They totally understood each other more than anyone else. Each knew the trials of having cystic fibrosis.  They had known each other for two years after meeting in hospitals in London where they were treated together. They pulled each other up when one was down. They loved each other very much and talked about all the things they would do when Portia got her new lungs,” Yasmine explained how close they were when they met.

Yasmina’s mother doesn’t believe that her daughter died of a lung decease. She explained how her lungs was better than before, she truly believes that Yasmina had died of a broken heart and that she could never had lived without Portia after they have met and became friends two years ago.



Source: Dailymail

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