Mother Arrested for Tossing 7 Month Baby From The Fourth Floor

Posted by bizarrecherry | On: Aug 24 2011
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Sonia Hermosillo, a 31 year old mother of La Habra was arrested by the police after she was accused of tossing her own 7 month old son from the fourth floor Monday night, from a hospital parking building. She came back to the scene four hours later, that was when the police captured the mother. Held without bail, Sonia has her first court appearance as early as Wednesday. The investigation carried out to find the reason why she intended to murder her own son. Sonia, who is turned out to be an immigration hold is suspected of having psychological problems.

The baby, although falling from the fouth floor of the Hospital Parking building, is survived but in critical condition at the University of California, Irvine, Medical Center, at the trauma unit. There is still no information from the police about her motives to throw the child and for what reason she had done such a crime.

“Our investigators did tell me that they’re certain she’s the suspect and we’re not looking for any other suspects,” police said.

One witness only saw a baby falling down through the air. At the meantime, surveillance camera picked up Hermosillo Chevrolet Blazer leaving with an empty baby seat. Before the investigation, La Habra police had received a call of a missing wife and son. One police saw the same car reported 100 yard from the crime scene at 10.15pm

Police only said that the family of Hermosillo is helping with the investigation and declined to give any other information. With no major criminal record Hermosillo pleaded guilty to all the charges.



Source: AP via Yahoo News

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