Woman Set Man On Fire for Touching Her Breasts

Posted by bizarrecherry | On: Aug 23 2011
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Mcniven, a 44 year old woman, set Gary Stewart, 50, on fire after she had found out that Stewart had touched he breasts yesterday. The Victorian woman who drenched Stewart with gasoline and then set him on fire plead guilty to manslaughter in the Victorian Supreme Court on Tuesday.

Mcniven the pyromaniac was drunk in a party when Stewart touched her breasts. She would never have known if her friends didn’t told her about the incident. The crazy thing about this pyromaniac was she says to the court that Stewart touching her breasts was the only reason she put the man in a blaze of fire. She attacked the man near the Ovens River, dousing him with petrol and then lit him on fire there. Friends described Stewart looked like a human fireball when McNiven threw the match and lit him bright.

One man attempted to save Stewart by dragging him to the river was still unsuccessful because Stewart had more than 70% burned throughout his body and finally died in the Melbourne Hospital several weeks latter.

McNiven admitted to the police and said, ”This whole thing is because he touched my boobies last night while I was asleep.”

Her barrister, Nick Papas feels she will still plead guilty to the manslaughter in court, but Papas is still trying to seek psychological reports to indicate that she is suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Member’s of Stewarts family had travelled to Wangaratta court from Queensland. They will be reading the victims impact statement.


Source: Yahoo news

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