Boy Stuck In Chimney Looking For Water

Posted by bizarrecherry | On: Aug 23 2011
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Utah boy climbed down chimney for drinks because he was thirsty ended up stuck in it. Stephen Hopkins, stuck in Richard and Sandy Draper’s chimney, West Valley city, Utah. Sandy Draper, a 60 year old grandmother, has a 8 and 5 year old grand children, but never seen a boy stuck in the chimney before.

“My daughter opened the door and there he was with his head hanging down. He said, ‘I’m just looking for somebody to play with,’” Draper said.

He was playing with her granchildren at 2:45pm and soon sent the boy home because they had to go out for errands. When the Drapers returned they heard a sound and thought it was the television she left on or some kids playing outside. That was at 4:10pm. Then they went to dinner together.

“When we came back at 7:30 p.m., we came in and we hear this voice and Richard said, ‘Oh there’s kids in the backyard,’ and I say, ‘Oh, I bet I left the TV on,’” Draper said.

It was the 8 year old boy they seen in the day crying for help.

“We could just hear this voice…I couldn’t articulate the words until I hit the fireplace in the basement,” she said.

Draper asked how the boy got in the chimney, they boy explained he had to climb several trees to reach the chimney. Then told police he was thirsty and needed a drink so he climbed in the chimney. The boy, whose parents didn’t contact back to the police, attempted to contact his parents but failed. The boy turned out to be in the care of his teenage siblings. The boy beforehand told the Drapers that he was staying with his grandparents for the next three days.

“My daughter’s impression of him was that he was very sad, kind of lonely,” Draper said.

“He was definitely stuck inside there. Our officers did a fabulous job comforting him … letting him know everything was going to be OK,” said polce.

Firefighters were able to reach him by breaking down the living rooms wall and successfully pulled the boy out.

“A big burly fireman carried him out and he looked at everyone and then he hid his face,” Draper said. “He was this blond, blue-eyed kid covered in black.”

I’m just glad he went down foot first,” Draper said. “What’s haunting for us is what could have been … who would look in their chimney for a missing child. … We kind of can have humor in it now because it turned out well.”

Source: ABCnews

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