10 People Behind Famous Cartoon Characters

Posted by uniquecherry | On: Aug 23 2011
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A person is incredibly able to produce several voices. The people who can locate this talent often find a great career in the entertainment world. These are some people who are able to produce many sounds that make them to be the best voice over in animation and cartoon.

1. Walt Disney

Known as the first generation of cartoon producer, Walt Disney was the person behind the voices of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.

2. Mel Blanc

Who does not know Bugs Bunny, Tasmanian Devil, Yosemite Sam, Elmer Fudd, and Marvin The Martian? It is Mel Blanc who did the voice over. O, I almost forgot, he also dubbed Foghorn Leghorn, Daffy Duck and several other cartoon characters from the Warner Bros.

3. Sterling Holloway

He was the person behind the cute voice of Winnie the Pooh, Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland and Kaa the Snake in the Jungle Book.

4. Hal Smith

Hal Smith is able to produce up to four voices. He is the person behind Flintheart Glomgold in Duck Tales, Gyro Gearloose, Phillipe in Beauty and the Beast also Owl in Winnie the Pooh.

5. Dawn Butler

Dawn Butler is able to produce eight different voices and most of them are legendary cartoon such as Elroy Jetsons, Mr. Cogswell, Huckleberry Hounsd, Snagglepuss, Quick Draw Mc Graw, and Yogi Bear.

6. Jim Henson

Jim was the person behind Kermit the Frog, Convincing John, Emil and Cantus the Minstrel. Most of the characters are puppets.

7. June Foray

She is the dubber of the famous Granny in Tweety  since 1953. She also did the voice over of Jacky the Smurfs as well as Rocky, Wheezy, Natasha and Lucifer.

8. Dan Castellaneta

Dan is the person behind most of the Simpsons’ characters such as Homer, Mayor Quimby, Groundseeker Willie, Barney Gumble and Krusty the Clown.

9. Tom Kenny

He dubbed Spoungebob Squarepants, Catdog as the dog, Heffer Wolfe in Rokko’s Modern Life, the Mayor in Powerpuff girls, Cupid in Fairy God Parents and Wheelie in “Transformer: Dark side of the moon”.

10. Frank Oz

He did the voice over of Grover, Cookie Monsterm Miss Piggy, Fozzie bear Bert, Animal and Fungus in Moncter Inc. Oz also dubbed Yoda in Star Wars.

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