Rapper Machine Gun Kelly Arrested for Flash Mob

Posted by uniquecherry | On: Aug 22 2011
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Machine Gun Kelly, a rapper of Cleveland, had a problem after he was arrested by the police for refusing to get down of a food court table in an organized flash mob which is held by himself at a suburb area U.S mall on Sunday.

The rapper, whose real name is Richard C. Baker, signed a recording deal with Sean P Diddy Comb’s music label and becomes known as Machine Gun Kelly. Strongsville police, Ohio, received a call on Saturday that a flash mob is planned in 5 p.m, local time by a rapper.  When the flash mob began, the mall management asked the people not to stand on the table next to the second floor railing, said the police.

This 21-year old rapper and the two others who did not grant the request of the mall management were taken out from the mall. They were accused with crime of disorder misdemeanor and then released. The video footage posted online shows that the event involved a big crowd. Some of them said “MGK! MGK!” when the rapper fought against the officer.

This rapper updated his Twitter account following the incident: “If havin fun with my fans and bringin the rage back to my hometown means I have to be arrested..then keep pullin the cuffs out.”

It seems like this young rapper has a stardom syndrome.

Source: Reuters via Yahoo News

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