A 4-year-old Girl Killed by A Pitbull in Her Own House

Posted by uniquecherry | On: Aug 19 2011
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In Melbourne, Australia, a four year old girl has been killed by a neighbor’s escaped  pitbull dog in her home. Her home is located in suburban area of Melbourne. Police Supt. Graham Kent said that the pitbull came across and entered the house where this little girl was watching TV with the other kids in the evening of Wednesday. Ayen Chol, the name of the kid, died at the scene because of the dog attack.

The dog also injured other five year old girls and 30 year old mother. Daniel Atem, Chol’s cousin said that the dog attacked the little girl inside while the woman was trying to help them. The dog saw Chol on her mother feet and attacked her. This girl was being ripped from her mother feet and brutally attacked by the dog. The police officer, said the dog will be exterminated and the owner will be charged for the accident. This little Sudanese refugee was not the first victim of disobedient dog. This is how everything turned to be when a tame dog become a wild beast.

Here is a video showing the ferocity of a pitbull.

Source: Huffington Post

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