10 Celebrities Caught Craving on Junk Food

Posted by uniquecherry | On: Aug 19 2011
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Celebs are also have desire on the so-called junk food. They need to treat themselves though they should follow their very diet. These pictures will help you to get the picture on how celebrities treat themselves and how much they love junk food. Check these pictures:
1. Miley Cyrus

Get as much as you want girl, the ice won’t be there again next time.

2. Whitney Port

Look who is holding a delicious fried chicken and looking at it with monstrous appetite.

3. Ashley Simpson

Look at who is standing beside Haagendasz ice cream freezer and looking for the best taste with cheerful smile. That is Ashley Simpson, go for it gal don’t worry a cup of it won’t make you gain weight.

4. Holy Madison

She is enjoying her ice cream. Forget about diet and body shape!

5. Jennifer Lopez

Even this sexy mama needs to have vacation form her daily heavy diet.

6. Heidi Klum

Burger is like heaven with cheese and meat plus the sauce. I guess she could not resist this temptation.

7. Tori Spelling

This celeb looks very cheerful with a cup of ice cream in her hands.

8. Kate Bosworth

Enjoy the pizza Kate, I think we know what should be brought when we were invited to your house.

9. Jennifer Garner

Did you see what is in her hands? She is holding a bottle of soda and eating something looks like chocolate.

10. Emma Roberts

Even a sexy actress needs some time to escape from a very torturing diet. Let’s treat yourself on the weekend.

Source: Posh 24

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