This Weird Syndrome Only Suffered by the Japanese

Posted by redcherry | On: Aug 18 2011
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Japan is unique in terms of various ways. The culture comes at first when we want to see what is unique from Japan. We see so many interesting facts about the Japanese cultures. Their cultures, compared to the Western cultures, are totally different and interesting to study.

Speaking of different cultures, the Japanese have one weird syndrome that is only experienced by the people there. The syndrome is culture specific one as it is correlated with a certain culture. In Uganda Nakalanga, there is a syndrome that causes the people who suffer from it vomiting over and over again. The disorder includes not only behavioral and mental but also physical illness.

In Japan itself, there is a syndrome called Taijin Kyofusho. This weird syndrome is interpreted as social anxiety disorder in the West. The name “Kyofusho” itseld is derived from the word “sho”, meaning disorder and “kyofu”, meaning. Meanwhile, “Taijin” means interpersonal relationship.

According to the Information Healthcare, there are four symptoms follow the syndrome of Taijin Kyofusho:
1. Jikoshu-kyofu: Osmophobia, or fear of his or her own body odor.
2. Shubi-kyofu: Body dysmorphic disorder, or afraid of disability.
3. Sekimen-Kyofu: Ereuthophobia, or afraid of seeing a face flushed red.
4. Jikoshisen-kyofu, fear of looking another person’s face.

According to Dr. Karsuaki Suzuki of Hamamatsu University, the syndrome is suffered by many Asian people, mostly in Japan. He went into this conclusion after studying the syndrome. Meanwhile, there was no one living in the West ever diagnosed with this kind of syndrome.

The result of the study has been published in the Journal of Psychiatry. It says the chance for the Japanese to experience the syndrome is higher that the people who live in the West due to the shame concept. In Japan, people not only do not want to embarrass themselves, they also do not want to embarrass the other people.

Source: Healthy Life Care News

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