Facebook Used to Hack and Steal 35k Pounds

Posted by bizarrecherry | On: Aug 18 2011
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A cyber criminal stole £35,000 using Facebook.  Iain Wood, 33, Newcastle resident, a gambler and always in need of money, finds away to get information in Facebook and compiling these information to find out his neighbor’s bank account, credit card number, and pass codes.

He found his way to obtain his victims savings and bank cards to fulfill his need to gamble by pretending to be a neighbor in a tower block. He originally is a carpet fitter

Once he got cold of the information he needed he then called the customer care center and claiming he forgot his password. Then, with his knowledge and information he obtained, he could answer all the question asked.

“He would be asked security questions about dates of birth and mothers’ maiden names and he was able to give correct details in some cases.

“He would make friends with people on Facebook and have got their usernames and then he would try it on the bank websites, on the basis people use the same passwords,” said Neil Pallister, the prosecutor in this case.

Wood has fooled the system for the past two years untill he made a mistake when one scam failed when victim was called over a withdrawal of £1,500.

The judge Guy Whitburn said in court, “This is the first time I’ve come across a sophisticated fraud such as this, it was very well planned, complex and clever. He was using other people’s identities and there was a considerable breach of trust in assuming his neighbours’ identities. It is an extremely bad deception on people in the same block of flats as he. People’s blood runs cold when they see money taken from their accounts.”

It’s always better to leave certain information out from social media sites. Beware cause Wood isn’t the only one who uses this method to get easy money out from other people.


Source: Yahoonews

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