Brain-Eating Amoeba Killed A 9-year-old Boy in Virginia

Posted by uniquecherry | On: Aug 18 2011
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A 9 year old boy in Virginia lost his life after swimming in James River when a brain-eating amoeba infected the boy’s body. This occurrence was very rare and most people have never heard any of this organism. They are not aware that this organism can be found in freshwater such as lakes, river even hot springs.

An internal medicine specialist, Dr. Sheila Garris said that it’s not a common attack in United States. She says to WTKR that “it is found mainly in Central America, South America, India and the Caribbean, but it is rare here in the United States.”

The health officials made an advisory for the people though they knew that the infections of these kinds of parasites are very rare but the institution wants the people to be aware with amoeba proliferates in a stagnant freshwater source like lakes and ponds in a hot season.

One of the most popular beaches in the neighborhood is Lake Christopher. This lake is a very inviting area for vacation and relaxes. The water looks clean and fresh. The neighbors are very proud with this lake.

A Lake Christopher resident, Richard Montgomery said to WTKR, “It is always been a great lake, clean, great fishing.”

The recent news about this amoeba has alarmed the neighbors who are not so sure with what is in the water though the lake is clean. Although the lake is clean, recent news of the amoeba has alarmed some neighbors who are not sure what’s lurking in the water.

This kind of occurrence can be avoided but people should be aware with this issue first. These are things that are not seen by the people. The presence of fecal and bacteria creates the dangerous amoeba. Dr. Garris said that this amoeba only infects ten percent of the people who are exposed to it but still people should be careful.

Source: WTKR

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