Only Justin Bieber Invited to Kim Kardashian’s Wedding

Posted by uniquecherry | On: Aug 16 2011
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Kim Kardashian is about to marry her boyfriend, Kris Humphries. She invites many people to come to celebrate her wedding. The famous teen idol, Justin Bieber is said as one of the celebrities who received the wedding invitation. But it’s quite strange that KK missed Selena Gomez as the invitation letters only has the name of Bieber written on it.

Will Justin Bieber come alone to this wedding party or he will ask Selena Gomez though she does not get the invitation? There is something wrong with the wedding invitation list I guess.

Justin Bieber got the invitation but recently famous singer and Disney’s star, Selena Gomez has not yet got the invitation. After receiving a number of Teen Choice Awards 2011 with five surfboards and successful tour also a nice and cute hit, “Who Says”, Selene Gomez is perhaps still not an important figure to come and be invited by Kim.

The news about only Justin who received Kim Kardashian’s wedding invitation instead of both Justin and Selena instensified the hot issue about their breaking up. Recently, the couple was reportedly breaking up after JB befriends with persons Selena didn’t like. In fact, Justin’s ex girlfriend, Jasmine Villegas, received a dead threat from someone who blamed her for the breaking up of the couple.

Kim should invite both of the teenagers to come to her wedding anyway or maybe she thinks that Justin Bieber will come with Selena even without having the invitation. Who knows?

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