Meet Wendy, the Outrageous Body Building Dog

Posted by uniquecherry | On: Aug 16 2011
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When people look at this dog, they may think that this dog has heavy training to build the body and muscle. Some others also think if this photo is manipulated. The fact that this photo and the dog is real. There is rumor that this dog is working for Russian army but it turns out to be a hoaxg.

The dog’s name is Wendy. Wendy is a whippet that has genetic defect so she grows bigger and more muscular than other dogs. The muscular is bigger but the entire organ like lungs, heart and legs are in the same size as a normal whippet. The weight of this dog is twice bigger than she should be. She has bulging neck muscles, burly shoulders and haunches like a baboon. The stomach of this dog is not only four or six pack but she has 24 packs!

This dog is the heaviest dog. It can be caused by genetic mutation. This condition enhances the development of the muscle. Though her appearance is quite fearful but according to the owner, Wendy is friendly and loving dog. She is just like other dogs that want to be cuddled and scratched. The dog now lives in Victoria, Canada. The rumor saying that this dog is the strongest dog had never been confirmed.

Source: Philippine Dog Finder

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